Leslie Lewis

Leslie Lewis

Leslie has a background in marketing and promotion and made the transition into retail 7 years ago. Originally from Toronto, she’s found a home in Thornbury, in the heart of the Town of the Blue Mountains.

Lifestyle in this area is the influence behind her selections for men’s fashion at Evolution for Men. It’s a 4 season recreational area, and so she brings in a mix of active lifestyle wear, and casual attire for those weekends on the town.

Fave designers: Tom Ford, Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren

Fave looks on a guy: Blazers! A fashion MUST-HAVE. Guys need to pair a blazer with a great pair of nice fitting jeans (like GSUS sindustries) and a great button down shirt, tucked in, with a pair of casual boots, like Blundstones. Don’t take your beautiful lady out for dinner and wear your ski jacket! Your chances of getting lucky later will grow exponentially IF you wear your blazer!

Colour! I love to see colour on a man – it shows confidence and a fun side. Lines like Desigual offer a ton of possibilities…classic lines like Penguin also offer a colourful and retro alternative.

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